Lube (14/32)

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Former agricultural airfield in a generally good condition. Located in North Kurzeme, 20km N of Talsi. Relatively easy approaches. Can be spotted first by large forest areas just N of the airfield and a road parallel to the forest edge. The runway is located parallel and very close to the road.

Effectivity: 2017-07-15

Location: 2.2 km NW of Lube village, 7.5 km N of Valdemarpils town.
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Status: Uncertified

Condition: Good

Ownership: Municipality


Direction: 14/32

Dimensions: 400x20m

Surface: Asphalt

Elevation: 43m / 140ft


Approach: When approaching RWY32 / departing RWY14 beware of a wooden pole of a dismantled electricity line 50m from THR RWY32 RH side 25m off the centerline. Also note a hill (elevation difference with RWY ~30 ft) 0.8km SE from the AD.

Airfield: Tires may be on the runway


Radio frequency: 123.95 MHz

Fuel availability: NIL

To see: Valdemarpils; Lube watermill; lots of manors in the area.


Posted: July 6, 2013


Category: Airfields, Usable airfields


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