Status updates for Vecbebri, Madliena and Birzgale

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During the weekend I had the chance to inspect 3 airfields in Vidzeme and Zemgale: Vecbebri, Madliena and Birzgale. The conclusion is that Vecbebri remains in good condition, it is usable. I wouldn’t recommend to land in Madliena due to dirty runway, some trees and hay on the runway eastern side. Birzgale I saw from the ground level for the first time, it might be usable, however the runway has a lots of gravel, apparently due to some economic activities at the airfield.

More details about these 3 airfields you’ll find in the airfield description section of this site.

Took some photos, see below:





Posted: July 18, 2013


Category: Airfield Status Updates


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