Degumnieki (03/21)

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Former agricultural airfield with clean approaches and no obstacles. Located on flatlands near to Lubana lake. Runway surface is in good condition. A windsock is located on the field. Recently the airfield is being kept in a good shape by the local municipality, and any GA traffic is welcome. Every year an aviation festival takes place in this aerodrome. Airfield is cleaned and prepared for annual aviation festival taking place 8-9JUL2017.

Effectivity: 2017-07-09

Location: 1.5 km NE of Degumnieki village.
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Status: Uncertified

Condition: Good

Ownership: Municipality


Direction: 03/21

Dimensions: 400x20m

Surface: Asphalt

Elevation: 93m / 305ft


Approach: Road 180m from THR RWY03.

Airfield: NIL


Radio frequency: 123.95 MHz

Fuel availability: NIL

To see: Degumnieki town, Lubana lake.


Posted: July 2, 2013


Category: Airfields, Usable airfields


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