Viljandi (04/22)

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Viljandi airfield is home for Viljandi Aeroclub, flying ultralight aircraft and a few motorgliders. The grass runway is slightly sloped, RW04 has upslope and a forest 250m from the end of the runway, making the RW04 departures power demanding. However the runway is long enough for most UL and GA aircraft.

Effectivity: 2015-11-12

Location: 3 NM SW from Viljandi
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Status: Certified (EEVI)

Condition: Good

Ownership: Viljandi Aeroclub; +37255561372




Direction: 04/22

Dimensions: 798x30m

Surface: Grass

Elevation: 76m / 250ft


Approach: A forest 250m from THR RW22 - departures from RW05 require sufficient climb rate, and also beware of wind rotors from the forest at moderate NE winds. Electricity line 180m from THR RW04, however it is located slightly below RW elevation.

Airfield: NIL


Radio frequency: 132.000 MHz (Viljandi Radio)


Posted: March 1, 2014


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