Augstkalne (06/24)

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Former agricultural airfield, located in southern Zemgale, close to Augstkalne town. Runway is in fairly good condition. Nice surroundings and easy approach to RWY06. Visually can be found by Augstkalne town, mast and a small lake. WARNING: temporary obstacle - sand piles on the RWY, NE side.

Effectivity: 2017-08-28

Location: 1.5 km NW of Augstkalne town.
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Status: Uncertified

Condition: Average

Ownership: Municipality


Direction: 06/24

Dimensions: 400x20m

Surface: Asphalt

Elevation: 55m / 180ft


Approach: When on final RWY24 beware of trees 400m from THR RWY24. Approach to RWY06 without obstacles. Mast 550m SE from AD (between AD and town). Electricity line ~300m N from THR RWY24.

Airfield: Temporary obstacle - sand piles on the RWY, NE side.


Radio frequency: 123.95 MHz

Fuel availability: NIL

To see: Augstkalne park; Mezmuiza castle; Tervete.

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