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Lithuanian airfields have joined the site

Posted September 15, 2013  /   By janisbitenieks_n1k0d68x  /  1 Comment

At the moment we have completed listing of all Lithuanian airfields known to us. Currently for majority of Lithuanian airfields only basic info is available. However myairfields.com team is gathering the info and examining the airfield condition. This info is being published here step by step. In general Lithuania has the highest number of both …

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MyAirfields is Back Online

Posted July 15, 2013  /   By Uldis  /  1 Comment

We are proud to announce that after an unplanned pause MyAirfields (former known as Latvian Airfields) is back online! This downtime was caused due to Posterous Spaces¬†going out of business. After some tedious work ¬†MyAirfields has relocated and now uses WordPress as a more stable platform for future development. All information including photos of each …

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