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2019-10-06: A lot of Lithuanian airfields have been updated!

2019-08-27: JELGAVA airfield is clear of obstacles

2019-01-19: JELGAVA airfield temporary obstacle – timber stacks on both sides of the RWY at THR RWY27

2019-01-11: JELGAVA airfield has been cleaned from bushes and is now frequently used for paragliding activities

2018-07-03: JELGAVA airfield will be closed for flight operations 24AUG2018-03SEP2018 due to Military Exercise “Namejs 2018”

2018-07-03: An airshow will take place in REZEKNE airfield 28JUL2018. Further information HERE.

2018-06-10 JELGAVA airfield: runway has been cleaned from grass and is in a good condition

2018-06-02 SALDUS airfield: tires on the runway

2017-05-05 BARKAVA airfield: sand piles on one side of the runway

2016-08-31 JEKABPILS airfield: W part of RWY is marked (718x18m) and in a good condition

2016-08-14 IRLAVA airfield: good condition, no obstacles; RWY, TWYs and apron is clean

2016-08-14 JELGAVA airfield: grass on the RWY; trees before THR RWY27; small bushes along the RWY in E side; W side of the RWY is much cleaner

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    This is a playlist of some low passes or TAGs around Latvia.

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