Daugavpils (02/20)

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Former soviet air force base, where 372nd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment was located, flying MiG-23 and MiG-27 aircraft. The aerodrome served commercial traffic as well, mainly flights to Riga, Moscow and Leningrad. The future plans include development of Daugavpils International Airport for regular commercial flights. Although this airfield was certified for day VFR traffic some time ago, currently it does not have valid certification. Beware that the 1000m long runway is located on former taxiway, and the former 2500m long runway is unserviceable.

Location: 11 km NE of Daugavpils city
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Status: Uncertified (EVDA)

Condition: Average

Ownership: Municipality


Direction: 02/20

Dimensions: 1000x23m

Surface: Concrete plates

Elevation: 122m / 400ft


Approach: No significant obstacles.

Airfield: There are trees along the runway, that may cause turbulence under certain wind conditions.


Radio frequency: 123.95 MHz

Fuel availability: NIL

To see: Daugavpils city


Posted: July 6, 2013


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  1. Jyri says:

    Closed by AIP supplement. As mentioned above the threes around the runway may cause nasty turbulence. There are also big potholes outside the declared runway.

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