Ragana (07/25)

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Former agricultural airfield in a quite poor state. There are lots of trees and bushes around the runway. Asphalt surface of the runway is damaged. A good visual clue for spotting the field from a far distance is a small lake just 600m NE from the airfield and the Riga-Valmiera highway.

Effectivity: 2020-04-04

Location: 8 km NW of Sigulda
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Status: Uncertified

Condition: Bad, asphalt surface occasionally damaged.

Ownership: Unknown


Direction: 07/25

Dimensions: 400x20m

Surface: Asphalt

Elevation: 48m / 157ft


Approach: Trees 170m from THR RWY07 and bushes/trees as close as 70m from THR RWY25.

Airfield: Bushes and trees on both sides of the RWY, especially at THR RWY07.


Radio frequency: 123.95 MHz

Fuel availability: NIL

To see: Sigulda, Turaida, Gauja National park.


Posted: July 7, 2013


Category: Airfields, Usable airfields


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