Rozupe (08/26)

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Former agricultural airfield located 10 km East of Līvāni town. This field is let down in a quite bad shape, there are huge trees at the runway, what makes runway 26 inaccessible. Runway 08 is slightly better, however there are obstacles close to the runway including an electricity line. Runway surface is dirty but without significant damage. Usage not recommended, suitable for emergency landings.

Location: 2 km NW of Rozupe village, 10km E of Livani town.
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Status: Uncertified

Condition: Bad - wide trees on both sides of the RWY, significant approach obstacles. Surface of the RWY covered with gravel and dust.

Ownership: Private


Direction: 08/26

Dimensions: 400x20m

Surface: Asphalt

Elevation: 91m / 299ft


Approach: Electricity line going WNW-ESE 350m from THR RWY08; trees 350m from THR RWY08; road 300m from THR RWY08; forest 400m from THR RWY26.

Airfield: Wide trees and bushes on both sides of the RWY E side.


Radio frequency: 123.95 MHz

Fuel availability: NIL


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