Tukums/Jurmala (13/31)

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Former soviet air force base, operated by the Soviet Navy, flying Su-17 and Su-24 aircraft operated by 668th Naval Shturmovik Aviation Regiment. Although Tukums was certified for day VFR traffic some time ago, currently it does not have valid certification. A new passenger terminal was built and airport is looking forward to serve scheduled commercial traffic. Also instrument approach facilities and runway lighting system is being developed.

Location: 4 km SE of Tukums city
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Status: Uncertified (EVJA Jurmala); Located within Tukums TIZ; TRA3 located above the AD (1000 ft MSL - FL60) - see AIP Latvia

Condition: Good

Ownership: SIA

Email: operation@jurmalaairport.com

Web: http://jurmalaairport.com/


Direction: 13/31

Dimensions: 2502x45m

Surface: Concrete plates

Elevation: 71m / 232ft


Approach: No significant obstacles

Airfield: NIL


Radio frequency: 132.025 MHz (Tukums Information); 120.800 MHz (Meteo)

Fuel availability: Avgas 100 LL and Jet A-1

To see: Tukums city, Milzkalne


Posted: July 7, 2013


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