Razneni (10/28)

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Private grass airfield at Razna lake. It is located on a hill and therefore is one of the most challenging airfields in Latvia. Height difference between both ends of the runway is 17m (55ft). RW10 is normally used for landing (uphill) and RW28 for takeoff (downhill). WARNING: airfield is temporary unusable due to damaged runway surface

Effectivity: 2016-06-01

Location: 25 km S-SE of Rezekne; 2.5 km S of Kaunata
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Status: Uncertified

Condition: Average; grass may be long and wet

Ownership: Private; PPR


Direction: 10/28

Dimensions: 360x20m

Surface: Grass

Elevation: 169m / 554ft (THR RW10); 186m / 609ft (THR RW28)


Airfield: Runway is temporary unusable due to damaged surface


Radio frequency: 123.95 MHz

Fuel availability: Mogas upon request

To see: Razna lake; Makonkalns


Posted: September 28, 2014


Category: Airfields, Temporary unusable airfields


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